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  • 18/1B Hindustan Road , Gr.Floor , Kolkata- 700029
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    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                       

    • 2013-Today
      CryptocurrencyTraders&Blockchain Analyser
      ECUREX is leveraging new technologies such as blockchain,machine learning to build financial services in the digital age,Create and manage decentralize organizations.
      Blockchain Engineer & Researcher
      Full stack Blockchain Engineer, Core team member in Marketing Analytic platform.
    • 2015-2016- UX Design Community
      Part of the UX Design Community at Accenture Digital and the Blockchain Practice Group.
      Worked on a digital transformation project at a major Exchange.
    • 2014-2015 – Project Analyser
      First online trading platform for cryptocurrencies in India, serving thousands of customers from all over the world. Responsible for operations, product design and communication.


    • Programming  Over:5000 lines :  Node.js & JavaScript, LESS, SASS, CSS, HTML Over 3000 lines: Java, Python, PHP,Over 2000 lines: Solidity, C, C++,LATEX Also: Ruby, C#
    • Frameworks & Tools : Docker, Web3/Ethereum, IPFS, React, Flux, Electron, Git, Gulp, Browserify, Webpack, Laravel,Symfony, Meteor Also: D3, Processing, NLTK, Rails Databases mongoDB, Redis, MySQL
      Also: RethinkDB, Firebase, Postgres


    • 2014-Cryptocurrency trading training institute. Training more than 1000 people for crypto currency trading

    • 2015-Anti-Money Laundering Training
      Qualified to act as an AML compliance officer according to PolyReg.
    • 2014-Certified Bitcoin Professional
      “A Certified Bitcoin Professional is knowledgeable about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin
      transactions, and how the Bitcoin network operates.
    • 2013Various Business Courses
      Venture Kick: «Kickers Camp»
      Google: «Start-up Day: Seed Start-ups Track»
      Image Management: «Business Knigge»
      IFJ: «Business Plan & Financing», «Business Formation», «Venture Capital»



    • Cryptoeworld objective is to provide a best platform to Trade cryptocurrency,which is purely blockchain enabled platform where user can trade based on their desire rate(open order system).
    The Strategy
    • Crypto E World has the objective of providing good cryptocurrency exchange service over the next five years.
    • To achieve this objective the management team has identified key steps that it will be implemented over the mentioned period.

      Step 1: Blockchain
      Step 2: Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Mr.Sukanta Bhowmick, Customer Service Adviser(B2B Service Provider),
    has knowledge and experience of.
    • The management team are committed in growing the business by providing excellent customer service
      and building a strong credible brand.
    • This will be demonstrated through their trustworthy relations with
      customers and other stakeholders.
    • The management team take their responsibility seriously and are
      committed to an ethical approach to business.


    Blockchain Has Benefits for African Markets, Says Alexander Forbes CEO

    The chief executive officer of one of Africa’s biggest and diversified financial and insurance company, Alexander Forbes, has told  that there are benefits in deploying blockchain technology in corporate operations. The company’s chief executive officer, Andrew Darfoor, told  in Harare on Friday that blockchain is an exciting technological platform that the company is investigating and assessing. …

    Walmart Patents System for Accessing Medical Records Stored on a Blockchain

    Big-box retailer Walmart has been awarded a patent for a system that is designed to store a patient’s vital medical records in a blockchain database. The information can then be retrieved at the scene of an emergency when a patient is unresponsive and can’t communicate with first responders. To protect privacy the only medical information that is …

    Curaizon Using Blockchain and Big Data to Revolutionize the Pharmaceutical Industry

    The cost of some much-needed medication is often a big concern for national health services who are at times reluctant to pay the high prices charged for them. This means that some critically ill patients are given less effective medications that partly treat illness while causing numerous side effects – it is logical to suggest …


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